Monday, December 8, 2008

Counting Magpies - Update

Thank you all so much for your kind comments about Miss Mary Mack. She's in her new place of honor on the fireplace mantel (the only place in the house Charlie can't get to) ;).

Here's the latest on Counting Magpies. I've switched black thread for the magpies - I'm using the WDW Onyx. The border was done in a crescent colours black and I think I like the WDW better. I'm not going to change it out now, but I can see I'll need at least three more skeins of the WDW. Darn, more shopping. ;)


Daffycat said...

I like the onyx. Shopping; I need to stay out of any places that sell that kind of self control.

Christine said...

Its looking great, I like the WDW thread, its less harsh than a true black

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