Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Scanner is Still Being Uncooperative

Couldn't be me now could it? least this time I made sure it was plugged in and all the cables were attached. ;)

Anyway, Miss Mary Mack is off at the framers; my next day off that they're open is Wednesday 12/3 so hopefully the scanner is not being so ornery by then.

Oh, and I found celery at the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving!!!!! (I need to buy a lottery ticket). :) I remember one year I had to go to the Vietnamese market to find it. Not a big holiday in Vietnam I don't guess.

Anyway, Happy Holidays!!!!

And I almost forgot - Dancing With the Stars - Brooke won!!! (I have to admit I voted for Warren, but I would've been happy with any of them. To be honest, it should have been Lance in second place, but hey, Warren gets extra points for personality) ;)

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