Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cirque Des Circles

Did I spell that right? Anyway, our SAL blog is closing down at the end of November. Does anyone want to do a SAL on this one with me? I need to put some enthusiasm back in this one (shhhhh I'm still on page 2 - but it's not like I started with page 1, just that same old page 2.) :)

Just thought I'd update this one - I don't want anyone thinking I'm yelling at them for shutting down - it's my own darn fault I haven't finished (I'm just well, the polite word is procrastinator, the un PC word is lazy). ;)


Anonymous said...

Try you are welcome to post there, I have just finished CDC

Lisa said...

Thanks! Sent an email just now.

Kathy A. said...

Oh hon, I'm sorry. Would you believe I actually started Cirque while working on PL . It is in the bottom of my stitching bag with one page done. Perhaps someday, I will get it out and finish it. Good luck with yours. will watch for posts of your progress

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sorry the blog is getting shut down, there's just been little to no activity in ages. And I must admit I haven't touched mine in months!

Cheryl said...

Would be happy to SAL if you're still interested?! Dont know how good a SAL partner i'll be mind you but ive been getting right back into Cirque recently as you've seen!

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