Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Next up - and a finish (almost)

Next up is Miss Mary Mack - she's been neglected lately because of bear but she's been calling to me lately and I'd like to finish her up next. I worked some on the inner border and the last 'black' and part of the dress today.

And here's bear; I say 'almost' finished because I have backstitching to do still on the outer and inner border (that won't take too long) and then he can have a bath and be mailed on Friday. This is the last of the charity stitching for awhile I swear that I'm not going to look at the Love Quilts website for another month or two I just can't say no, y'know? Oh, and Charlie at the Pitt was showing this off today and said to another customer 'Have you seen this isn't it great? His name is Charlie'. lol I said, 'Nope you're not getting this one it's getting mailed Friday.' Patterns online has another Stoney Creek design with another version of the bear I might stitch for Charlie; I just can't 'bear' to stitch this one over again. You can find the link to the pattern I'm considering here.


Anonymous said...

I am also working on Miss Mary Mack and I love her :) Yours looks great!

Daffycat said...

The bear looks great! Nice "almost" finish!

tkdchick said...

Miss Mary Mack is looking good!

Wendy said...

I love Miss Mary Mack! I will have to do her one day, she is hilarious. And your bear is awesome!!!

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