Friday, October 26, 2007

So far so good

I had a list, I stuck to it, and I even didn't get a couple of things I had on the list. Actually, I did very well - had no idea, but the LNS is having a 20% off sale; if you buy a chart floss and fabric for one design you get 20% off so I ended up saving almost $14.00. Then online I got the thread pack of Carrie's threads for Tanglewood Tree in the last JCS; now I just have to get the fabric. Ended up kitting up Four Seasons Sampler and Circle Sampler by Patricia Andrle. I'm thinking what I have bid on Ebay right now shouldn't count since I posted my resolution after I bid. Technicality, I know, but Haze made me do it by putting up her JCS Christmas ornie issues. So, all in all a good day all around. I'm thinking that the fabric for Tanglewood might be the last stash I get for awhile - but then again I have all those ornies to think about, right?

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tkdchick said...

Stash shopping feels great dosen't it???

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