Saturday, October 20, 2007


I went stash buying yesterday. I have a fluctuating budge for that. It changes every week depending on what I have left over after everything's paid. This week I had more than usual so I got the following:

The fabrics for Patricia Andrle's Circle Sampler and Fall Sampler. 28ct Light mocha(I take it back, it's not light mocha it's linen from Weeks Dye Works and the color is Alabaster) and 28 ct lambswool.

I also got the last Silk n Colors I needed for Deep Peace - now I have to get the rest of the supplies and the Fabric.

For charts I got three of 'The Girls' Molly, Mary Margaret, and Sarah - she's ordering Elizabeth this week I think. If not I'll order that one online. Also from Goode Huswife 'Mustard Door' and The Cat Sampler I *think* the title of the chart is Minerva but I could be wrong. Oh and back to the budget - only 19 cents over! A good day all around.

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Kathy A. said...

Nice stash buying! and only 19c ents over. Congratulations!!

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