Friday, September 28, 2007

Finished one!

I finished my Andrle Bee sampler yesterday! Then quick like a bunny (if I do anything quick) I went to the lns and got the threads for Four Season House by Bent Creek. I'm leaning more towards primitives and all over designs these days a la Ink Circles and Long Dog Designs. On the work front i'm still trying to get on days - or at least get off at 10pm at the latest. We had a minibid but I withdrew mine - I already knew 630-3pm would be a very very very baaaaad idea. I'd be - 'you want me to do what? are you crazy?' and since quite a few of our customers are then you can see where that might not be such a good thing to say. :) I'll post a pic of the Bee Sampler sometime this week. I'm testing different cameras to see which one I'm buying - the lovely Walmart has quite a few digital cameras on clearance so next weekend I'm going shopping. Oh and the parents brought me a very nice leather recliner for my birthday present-thank you guys so much! Now the cat gets kitty caps on his claws - he'll have to be sedated for that one. Don't think I'm being mean - it's just the truth. When you think of Charlie - just think of Sparta on crack.

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