Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cat's Claws

Like my idol Mr. Safety and his kitty ;) I have been deciding what to do about Charlie's clawing the furninture. I had been considering the idea of declawing but a few minutes ago I just woke up from the most awful dream of people being tortured by having their feet cut off. I interpret that as relating to claws (not of course that I hate my job and it's torture - ok it could be both - and not even John Wayne could help!) I agree, it was a very WEIRD dream. So, no declawing. I'm looking for the water pistol (I think I know where it is) and going to Pet smart for the claw caps. They're just molded plastic caps that fit the cat's claws and attach with a little bit of adhesive - like fake fingernails. I'll also have to get some Cat Calm as well. So, off to Pet Smart tomorrow. During football on Sunday almost no one is out here.

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