Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Know

To quote Craig Ferguson ( @craigyferg ) on Twitter, 'I know'!

I've decided to go on the wagon (insert post title here - get it? :) ). A couple of things. I keep buying and kitting up and starting but not finishing. Sound familiar? So, starting 7/1/10 no more shopping with a couple of exceptions: any designer going out of business or retiring designs is fair game. However I can only buy the charts/kits but no new supplies (fabric, thread)for them. The exception to that is that if I have something even 75% kitted up I can buy the rest of the thread for that design, just not the fabric. (I already have to have the fabric on hand).

The reason? They have decided to eliminate my department at work due to 'business needs'. They're giving us the option of moving up to a non-union position (remember the job I hated where I got yelled at all day long? Yeah, that one.) Or to take a pay cut and move back to customer service. I'll only lose @ $1.75 an hour, and I still will make more than a lot of people who have degrees, but still. If I took the other job I'd just have to eat up the raise with anti-anxiety medication.

In the next couple of weeks I'm going to take pictures of all my WIPs and post them and hopefully start working on them again!

Oh, and my very last splurge (I'll post a pic of that one later). ;)


~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

Changes in the work place can be very unsettling. But after recently experiencing first hand how vile and unprofessional (yes, I'm being kind) the office environment has become, I'd opt for the C.S. position and consider the loss in pay a good mental health investment. Good luck on your choice and wagon goal:)

Karan said...

Hope everything works out well for you at work. Best of Luck with sticking to your goal.

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