Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And the winner is.............


Please send me your email and snail mail address and I'll get this out to you asap.

How I did it: I imported all the names to a spreadsheet and went to which picked #22 which was Karan.

Don't worry - we have lots more giveaways coming up - I had a run on buying dupes for some reason. ;)

Please also remember that these giveaways are only open to followers!


Karan said...

Oh Wow Just had to check the link to make sure it was me! LOL Happy Dancing here! Thank you so much, you've just made my day. Emailing shortly. :0)

Karan said...

OK, call me a complete muppet but I can't find out how to email you. If you could please email me at: @ (without gaps) I'll email you back. Hope you don't mind. Thanks. :0)

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