Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Got this one from Diane

You can find the original post Diane Rambling On

Think of 5 celebrities who share your first, middle or last name with you (even nick name). Tell us who they are and if you have anything in common with them and/or what you admire about them. Also, find a photo of your favorite same named celebrity to share with us!

1. Lisa Renna - from Dancing with the Stars. I really have nothing in common with her except dark hair.

2. Lisa Simpson - yep, that's me. ;)

3. Lisa Bonet - I hope not. (I like to think I'm much more together than she is) ;)

4. Lisa Kudrow - nothing in common except the name (although I used to have friends who sat with me just to see what I would say next and her Friends character is kind of like that).

5. Lisa Marie Presley - Actually I think I have the most in common with her - she lost her dad about the same age I was when my parents divorced so I can kind of understand where she's coming from.

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