Thursday, September 18, 2008

Finally got the scanner to work

So here are some updates. I went shopping at the LNS yesterday and I'm actually sorry I went. The owner had a needlepoint class in that day and I really got the feeling they didn't want me around - I sat down at the table (in an empty chair mind you) to look through a stack of charts and they all looked surprised like that just isn't done. I'm the type if I want to sit, and the shop is open, I sit. If you want to make the shop into a clique, go ahead but lock the door and put the closed sign up. The other thing, and this is what REALLY got me: the teacher (I assume) was talking about the hurricane and they were saying how stupid people were for staying even after a mandatory evacuation had been ordered. One lady said 'Why would they?' and this teacher person (and I use the word loosely, said 'well, I think these are mostly people with skin darker than yours'. They're just lucky I have learned not to say everything I think anymore but I have one comment - you never know what's going to happen tomorrow and you could be in these people's shoes in a second. I was po'd - can you tell? ;) I expect them to talk about politics (they always do even though ITS A SHOP and not everyone will have your politics. If you want to talk politics keep it out of your shop because not everyone will belong to the same political party you do. Geez. Ok, there's my rant for today.

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Little By Little-Ann Pennsylvania Peacock

Also got some extra (maybe needed) threads to finish Miss Mary Mack and I really have to get back to her maybe this weekend.

And finally an update on Little House Neighborhood: it's a sheep with no legs, is that like a horse with no name?


Sherry said...

Love your new stash! And LHN is coming along wonderfully!

cheeto said...

Yikes! It's amazing what some people will say when they think they're among like minded people! Love your sheep with no legs (c:

trillium said...

We are so bombarded with the political news, the world news, and our own local news. I see stitching and creating as a refuge (not an escape), but as a way to recharge those energies that we need for dealing with all the disheartening, threatening, and anxiety-causing events that we confront daily. If I were in a shop group, I'd want to chatter about stitching, fabrics, creating, and such.

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