Tuesday, June 3, 2008

There was recently a post about what's wrong with blogs

I've decided to edit this because I think I've broken my own rule lol. But rules are made to be broken right? Back to stitchy things and stadium updates and whatever else strikes my fancy.

As they used to say back in the day, Peace out.

And I found Cowboy Roy (yay) I'll post a pic later on. Have a great day!


Smirking Cat said...

I don't know what the original gripes were about blogs, but my pet peeve is not posting for months at a time, with no explanation. But mostly a blog is such a personal thing, it's very hard to make rules about them; they will likely reflect the author, and the anonymity of being online brings out either the best or worst in someone.

Teejay said...

Maybe you were referring to my little IMHO. I removed it (from my blog but it will forever remain in feedsville) because as sensitive as I tried to be to not step on toes, it was still too offensive. I got a couple of, surprisingly, not too offended comments stating some good advice about just skimming through blogs which I took to heart. I still don't read feeds that are truncated, asking for donations, or filled with family and sympathy 75% or more of the posts. Thanks for your input and being one of the brave ones who are willing to share a piece of your mind at the risk of offending some which in this sphere can cause you to be blackstitched (a term that I made up myself to mean blacklisted from the stitching community) really quickly. PEACE.

Lisa said...

Thanks - like I said it wasn't directed at anyone specifically and I didn't certainly post it to hurt feelings. I still might remove it later on I haven't decided yet.

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