Sunday, March 9, 2008

I'm Still in Shock!

After years of always seeming to catch the Silkweaver's Solos late (in case you don't know they generally post them every Tuesday around noon); I actually got two that I like! One's a purple opalescent and one is maybe a little lighter in color than Vanilla Swirl and they're both big pieces! I still can't believe it's taken me this long to get some. :)

Other than organizing my WIP folder for 12 Days ornie #1 I haven't done much of anything, really. I'm waiting for a kind of (ha - a euphamism for humungous) order from Needlecraft Corner. It's really not that bad; it's an ongoing order since February and I kept adding things to it and it does include a couple of autos - Sweet Treats and Loose Feathers. I really like the idea for the club this year; you get all the charts and with each chart comes part of a design that you can stitch together for a completely different design.

I hope everyone's weekend was much more exciting than mine. Oh, we did get a little bit of snow - Texas weather. The airport five miles away got several inches of snow, and Fort Worth got about 6 inches of snow, but in Arlington as fast as it came down it melted. Go figure. Maybe we'll warm up a bit now (fingers crossed).

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