Friday, February 22, 2008

This Weekend

I have nothing planned except cleaning and stitching and catching up on the DVR (which of course lends itself well to stitching time). I've been working on organizing my WIPs and I've come up with a portable storage system. On the Snowflakes front I'm waiting for an order from Needlecraft Corner because I've run out of two of the Crescent Colours - Bamboo and English Ivy. If you do this one, buy two of those. Work is getting better; not quite so many people freaking out but some of our customer service reps are being stupid. Part of a conversation last night; Customer: "I asked her politely not to raise her voice at me and she said to me 'I can raise my voice at you any time I want to.' If I could prove who it was exactly who said that I'd write them up. Stupid stuff just making my work life difficult. Half the calls we get are the result of poor training or just someone being stupid. Oh, and I also finished the scrapbook page I was working on, but I can't get a decent picture - I'll post something this weekend on that. Off to have coffee and breakfast and hopefully wake up sometime today before I start at 330. :)

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Teejay said...

I can't wait to see your scrapbook. I am getting a little bit burned out on mine and need new inspiration.

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