Monday, November 12, 2007

Ornament Cuts

Remember a couple of years ago when Silkweaver Fabrics offered ornament cuts for the JCS Ornament issue? They haven't done that for awhile now since they no longer sell non hand-dyed fabric. Last night I got the bright idea to search around and see if anyone else has taken up that idea. I searched and lo and behold Needlecraft Corner is offering 9X9 cuts for @3.50 each (the other fabbies like R&R are higher). If I remember right that's close to what Silkweaver had, bearing in mind that linen prices have increased since the last time they did it. I need to go through my list from the mag and order the ornie cuts for the ones I'll be doing. And this still counts towards my stash budget since the mag is something I already had - I might not always kit ornies with all the specialty threads unless there's no DMC equivalent. Oh and speaking of DMC I have been trying for weeks to win one of the big lots of DMC that are sometimes up without success, so this week I not only win one, but two. The first lot is for over 400 skeins and the second lot is for over 300 skeins. I got them cheaper than Hobby Lobby, first one for 17 cents a skein and the second one for 15 cents each. I still have a bid out on another 400-I'll keep you posted; since I won the other two and don't need that one I'll probably get it now. I need to go get another storage thing from Walmart - the 7 drawer storage cart on wheels is $18.88 this week. Oh, and I finished my first circle in Cirque des Cercles - only about a hundred more to go. :)


tkdchick said...

Thanks for the info about the ornament cuts. I do miss that Silkweavers doesen't sell standard fabrics anymore!

As for CDC you know the saying "one small step..." keep going!

Kathy A. said...

Glad to hear you have made progress on Cirque. Post a photo when and if you can. We would love to see your work!!!

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